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Thursday, August 7, 2008

See Something Say Something

I seen something, my son
Just went under the turnstile
Because I don’t believe NYC
Students should have to pay
For the subway or buses
Yeah I know – he did have
A student metrocard but his
Ten year old hands lost
It and guess what his mother
Pays taxes- so back up I
Seen something else, me
Drinking my morning coffee
On the train- yup that’s
Against the law and you know
What it tastes good
Don’t worry I won’t litter
The coffee is too expensive
And too good for that and I seen
A lady a big lady
Too big for one seat
Yeah that’s against the law too
One fare=one seat
So whatcha gonna do
Mr. Officer- I seen the teenage girl
And her little brother selling M &M, Skittles
And Snickers no not for their school basketball team
But to eat
Yes, all of this is going on under the grounds
Of your NYC
I seen something else
You using a decoy bag to grab the
Temptation of some hungry teenage girl
And her little brother who probably
Didn’t sell enough candy for dinner tonight
I seen something else hundreds of people
With large bags, small bags all kinds of bags
Walk pass seven officers
Who are paid by me
With a sign “we have the right to
randomly search your bags”
But they were too busy for that
Talking, laughing and drinking coffee
I seen something else me walking up the
Broken escalator pissed on my way to work
To pay you to do nothing
I said something

What was the last thing you seen? Did you say something? Well say it now!

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Octi said...

I see something...you walking in your purpose and discovering there's an inner beauty within longing for nourishment so I'll say something...keep feeding that hunger and thirst until you've had your full. You got it Girl! Keep your head up, stick that chest, and know that only you can hold you back. Cause right now, can't nobody stop your flow! Peace, Octi