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Friday, August 8, 2008

Thank You Audre Lorde

heard something

Heard something to empower
Me made me
Feel good and fearless
Gave me chills-Good Lorde
Dig she said to the deepness of the belly
Where I ain’t ever been
But the chills had me wanting more
Wanting to go deep I say travel to my soul
To reach yours
Way down way down
And keep going
To the my end or the beginning
I want to spend some time
In the heart
Nuff will come from there
Wanna open the valves they said was weak
Let it flow to my song no pulses here just
Boom bap boom bap- hum to my flow
I’m controlling this here orchestra
Then reach up to the cabeza- whatcha said
I think thoughts that think of me as the shit
My learning’s are yearning to surface
I’m a pull and tug
Because I got something to say
I wanna hear you own my words
Speak them for your lips
Make chills on your skin
Leaving by filling this world with my ink
On what I think and thought
Oh shit- I got chills

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