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Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Great At Great Wolf & Energy Efficient

We decided to take the family of a little weekend vacation to the GWL in Scotrun, Pennsylvania this weekend. This place is probably every kids dream. There is an indoor huge water park, outdoor pool, arcade and a magical treasure hunt through out the property and this is surrounded all by mountains. The easy travel from NYC seems effortless. I must mention the cost is costly but I tried to offset some money by bringing snacks, breakfast and various beverages. It saves a little so you can spend more I guess. Lunch for 5 was $50 bucks and we went to Friendly's for dinner for a mere $80 for 6.

Today's going to be fun in the sun. I plan on taking the kids to a candy/pretzel factory this afternoon but before that it'll be water and after more water, water, water.

I almost didn't mention the boarding- we have a grizzly suite that can fit 6 very comfortable. You can almost guess what the decor is wood, plaid greens and blues. Oh, and the property is energy efficient - I guess that would only make sense. I only makes me wonder if this huge property can partake on saving energy for our planet than so can we!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Really Sticking With It

How many times do you say you really want to do this or that and even take the energy to begin but then drop it like a hot potato. I know I suffer from this to a little too often (I think). This is something that I would like to change and I know I can. They say it takes 21 days to adapt to a new habit so I figure when I want to try something like going to the gym or writing daily then I need to do it for 21 days straight without stopping. I pledge to do the following:
  1. Every morning write in my journal or an blog entry

  2. Create a list of writing ideas and add one or more per day

  3. Do not the a day pass that I do not write

Since my passion is writing then this should be very a very easy for me to do. Also in order to become a profession at anything you need to do it at least 10,000 times. If I keep thinking writing I will write more.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just Things On My Mind...

Like thanks to Sadie from Sephora who is now at Henri Bendel's for hooking up my brows the other day-She is definitely a sweetheart. Keep making us ladies into Divas.

Oh did you see the BET Awards? I'm late on commenting on it but who cares... Thought is was ok considering the changes at the final minute. RIP MJ-We will Always Love You.

All six of New Editions members performed- it looked like that hadn't happened in years or that they practiced. Mrs. Beyonce Knowles Carter should have sung a MJ classic. The last time she sung that song they tore a hole in her behind (Christmas tree lighting at RF Center NYC). She deserves another hole in her butt. Just because we KNOW she can do better. Tyrese & Ne-yo tore it down but my ultimate was H ta O ta V- that's right HOV and the video was sick- for all those who don't know Jay never cuts his hair when he recording an album. So you know what that means Blueprint 3 is complete- really this is for the 30 something hip hop heads (me) only.

Today is like my Friday because I'm off tomorrow - I've officially began watching the clock 2 more to go and I'm out...

Tomorrow I want to wake up (God willing) and sit on the porch with my coffee, laptop and my book for the entire morning. Oh- Jr has a summer packet to complete so we are going to knock the whole thing out tomorrow (I convinced him).

What else is on my mind Saturday the pool, BBQ and fireworks from the Jersey side of the Hudson- should be nice. Sunday chill out and let Monday roll in....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Miguel Pinero

I blindly picked a movie from the Netflix Que- Pinero within the first five seconds of the film I Googled his name cause at that moment I felt the life and connection from him. A writer he was and his stuff was good- he was also a junkie, a thief and an ex-con- which all made him a better writer. Writers have to write what you know; that's when it's good and flows through your veins to paper- that's good shit. He also co founded the Nuyorican's Poets Cafe (of course LES). Nuyorican's

It was about a true story of the late Latino poet-playwright-actor Miguel Pinero, whose creative and turbulent life was cut short at the age of 40. His
life was a study in contrasts: a Tony Award nominee who did time at Sing-Sing, a volatile urban poet whose work is recognized as a precursor to rap and hip-hop, and a writer of hit TV shows

Like everything in life - I select this DVD for a reason. I'm inspired to add him to my 50 books to read this year( I'll provide and update soon) He was good - very good!!

I'm inspired...