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Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's Great At Great Wolf & Energy Efficient

We decided to take the family of a little weekend vacation to the GWL in Scotrun, Pennsylvania this weekend. This place is probably every kids dream. There is an indoor huge water park, outdoor pool, arcade and a magical treasure hunt through out the property and this is surrounded all by mountains. The easy travel from NYC seems effortless. I must mention the cost is costly but I tried to offset some money by bringing snacks, breakfast and various beverages. It saves a little so you can spend more I guess. Lunch for 5 was $50 bucks and we went to Friendly's for dinner for a mere $80 for 6.

Today's going to be fun in the sun. I plan on taking the kids to a candy/pretzel factory this afternoon but before that it'll be water and after more water, water, water.

I almost didn't mention the boarding- we have a grizzly suite that can fit 6 very comfortable. You can almost guess what the decor is wood, plaid greens and blues. Oh, and the property is energy efficient - I guess that would only make sense. I only makes me wonder if this huge property can partake on saving energy for our planet than so can we!!

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