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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WARNING - Driving While Texting (DWT)

This bill was passed already in January, and now it is was a secondary offense which means you had to get caught doing something else while driving like speeding or not wearing a seat belt. Now NY state senate, mainly Republicans are pushing to make it a primary traffic offense - which means if you are holding your phone in your hand they can pull you over and issue you a ticket. The fine will be $150 and 2 points on your license.

While I believe texting and driving is impossible I guess I can be guilty for talking (not hands free) & driving. Although most of the time I use the speaker when I driving the mere fact that the phone is in my hand and cost me $150 & 2 points.

I think the penalty is a bit stiff but at the end it will save lives and bring revenue to NY. On the flipside of things how many times have you seen police officers on the phone while driving? Who will police the police? What about the texter who walks across the street without looking up and texting the whole time. The other day I watched a man smoke a cigarette with a coffee in his hand and texting all at the same time.

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Want Good Mexican Food? Try Lauriol Plaza – Georgetown section of DC

If you want some good Mexican food and don’t mind waiting for a table then Lauriol Plaza is the place. It is one of the trendiest places in Georgetown. Honey and I had dinner there on a Friday night and the crowd was out the door. I thought it was crowded because this was the first gorgeous evening of 2011, this may have been but the food was with a capital “D” Delicious….. Even the chips and salsa was to die for. The place was packed – yes I’m talking elbow to elbow packed. We was told there would be an hour wait but actually after 2 sangrias and 2 orders of chips & salsa our table was ready within 25 minutes.

I wanted to try everything on the menu but that wouldn’t be ladylike, so I went with the recommendation from the staff at the Palomar…and I had the combination plate with an enchilada, a taco, tamale with Mexican rice and a fajita on the side. The portion was too much for me to finish – but I did what I could. Honey had cuban steak with white rice & black beans.

We were seated outside – which was great and not a noisy as I would have anticipated….. It was a lovely night; I was with a lovely man – enjoying good conversation and great food!

I will make this one of my DC favorites…

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So what’s the Big Deal about DC Cupcakes?

I didn’t know the answer to this question on my recent trip to DC. What I did know that I witnessed one of the longest lines I have ever seen. It wrapped around the corner and half way down the block. At first I thought the line was a line to a club, after all it was after 10pm. On the line there were young kids, college kids, Grandma’s & Grandpa’s, babies being held and others in strollers – I deemed this was no club line…. I looked up at the sign “DC Cupcakes” sign then grabbed my iPhone to google it. At a quick glimpse the only thing that came up was the location and a few rave reviews.

So the next day as were heading out I wanted to stop at a boutique for some shoes and if the line wasn’t crazy we would stop for some cupcakes. I was batting a double zero. The boutique didn’t have my size “no I don’t want to try on a 6.5 - I wear a 7”, was my reply. The next stop was to hustle through the traffic to get some cupcakes…. We didn’t even stop because the line was protruding around the front of the store.

So what is the big deal about DC Cupcakes?

The two sisters, Katherine & Sophie traded in the world of fashion to follow their true passion of baking. In 2008 the first cupcakery in DC “Georgetown Cupcake” was opened. It doesn’t stop there; they have a reality TV show on TLC “DC Cupcakes” in the second season…..So that’s the big deal about DC Cupcakes!

DC Cupcakes

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Have you ever noticed all the different types of food you can buy from a truck in NYC.  Some people refuse to eat from a truck, but they will buy from the fruit stand - whatever....... on a stroll this is what I found
Quick, cheap & easy - did I mention GOOD

This one is new - it's a waffle truck

I was so undecided - I ended up not getting anything
in NYC you know you must order quick quick

Honestly, this may be my most favorite truck.....The Love Truck

I usually order a whole lotta love (medium) w/cream and cinnamin
oh & they steam the milk & cream - Yummy!
I should mention my stroll was very short, so I missed the smoothie truck and the truck that make eggs & bacon any way you like it.....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Did you know……?

Daylight savings time will begin on Saturday March 13th at 2:00 am. You probably know this already – but what you may know is not every US state participates in DST, Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and American Samoa do not observe DST – They follow “standard time”.

Also before 2005 Indiana didn’t observe DST – since the state is divided between two time zones – some of the state’s counties observed DST while others did not – That had to be confusing! But, it's actually a choice the state can make.

However congress did pass a bill that if a state chooses to observe DST – then the state must follow the beginning and ending set dates – which is the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November. This too was changed by congress in 2005 to conserve energy – prior to 2005, DST began on the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October.

Simply Brain Food

Friday, February 18, 2011

A perfect match... Louie meets Louie

And they lived happily ever after…. I never revealed my Valentines Day gift. So here it is – shhhhhhh I knew what I was getting the moment I opened my Christmas gift – hehehe….. Sometimes Honey is predictable – he actually did the same thing with my other LV bag and wallet set. I adore the bag and especially the color. I never realized that burgundy goes with so many different colors.

Enough of that………It’s Friday and I just got paid! Most of you have a 3 day weekend and some of us do not (me) I’ll make the best of my Monday in the office with limited staff.

I think I will celebrate the Presidents by spending some dead presidents at Woodbury Commons on Sunday – Not sure what I’m looking for but Tory Burch is calling my name……

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Love Sephora......my recent purchase

I just brought a new eyeliner from Sephora (I love this store). It was only $5.00. The color is midnight black. It slides on so smooth- since I’m far from an expert when it comes to applying make-up, if it’s easy it’s a winner in my book. Although I don’t wear make-up everyday – I try to apply eyeliner and/or mascara and lip-gloss before leaving the house. This one is definitely a keeper!

Also, I’m in search of a new summer fragrance – Any suggestions?