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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just Read

Chloe went to tell Lena the truth. Cliff sleeping with Robert who is now Roberta and that her pictures were destroyed because her camera fell into water or maybe the truth was nothing and she could work the case until Lena gave up. Lena would pay her and she could still fuck Cliff.

Chloe walked in to Lena’s apartment, took off her shoes stood in front of the mirror. She smoothed her skirt, propped her breast and turned into the foyer. She seen Lena was sprawled across the sofa crying. Immediately she thought Cliff told her about them, so she stood there frozen, ready to take defense and tell on Cliff. But Lena stood up with her arms opened wide to hug Chloe. Lena's eyes were so puffy with bags on the top and bottom they were almost shut; she had a long trail of snot running into her mouth. Chloe opened her arms and held her. Lena cried so hard Chloe’s body shook and the snot smeared all over her shoulder and chest. When Chloe asked her what happened, between the sops she blurted out "H- I- V, I got it" and sucked down a huge gasp of air. Her body shook as she let her arms go from Chloe and wrapped them around her stomach dropped the white paper.

Chloe pushed her back and Lena just kept walking toward her until she Chloe pushed her on the the sofa. Chloe stood up and wanted to run out of the apartment but her legs wouldn’t move. With her tear filled eyes she looked at Lena who was emptied out every tear she could hold. Chloe didn’t move. Chloe’s tears streamed down her face like a flowing river nonstop; her mind replayed the times she had been with Cliff and Roberta. Her bottom lip shook so much as saliva seeped out from the corners of her tiny mouth. She didn’t feel for Lena only for herself. She was scared for her life. She picked up the white paper off the floor that held power and stared. She wanted to find a something wrong with the information like Lena’s name spelled wrong or her date of birth- something to make this go away.

Chloe backed herself out of the apartment shaking, holding her bottom lip between her teeth to ease the trembling. Her hands held onto the walls for support. She looked at the shiny chrome handle sticking out of Lena’s brown Gucci bag on the table. She could almost hear her heart beating. She squeezed her eyes shut and seen Lena’s brains dribble on the tan leather sofa waiting for Cliff or the nanny.

She walked home crying and praying to God, asking for help from her mother's angels, telling her father she will see him soon. In between, cursed Cliff, Roberta and Lena and wished them death. She arrived at her apartment to find Cliff in her bed. He stayed with her that night. They made love over and over until the sun rose.

This is excerpt is from a short story that I am working on....

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Anonymous said...

all i can say is OMG unbeleivable what a story (you need to put the entire story up there - which i was so lucky to read) it's really good i want to see a 30min movie now on this.... well it may be 1 hr hopeing you give the sex schene a good 30min. ;) great work sharron keep it up sista... love ya Erocksny

Zaneh said...

wow!!! that is deep and although supposed to be fiction?, but it is realistic fiction...you had my mind racing to the next part...keep writing and i want the rest of this story!!!!!!

Tracie said...

i wish had more
its intriguing
good luck with the rest