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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blessed Be Her.....

Bless it be
The woman who looks
deadly in her suit with
her high stilettos strutting
carrying her $1,000
handbag, $4,000 diamonds
with n
o flaws purtruding
from her lopes,her
perfectly round enhanced
breast with no bounce
her badunkadunk that
can balance a filled coffee cup, her
multicolored lacquered face


18 inches of yaky straight
Perfectly trimmed
Her body is perfect
Her suit is perfect
Her accessories perfectly
Accessorizing who she
Really is, after all
No one is perfect
So blessed be her

Suit hiding scars of her babies
Handbag with no money and used credit
Her diamonds a gift for the whippings
Her perfect breast that
Once sagged with milk for her 3 babies
Her badunkadunk he wanted rounder
The lacquer that covers her face
Her eyes, her eyesHer eyes hold her soul, her story, her pain


Blessed be her….