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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So much going on right now I am trying to keep up with everything. School for the first time is kicking my butt- in a good way for now. I love a challenge. I submitted a short story in my writing class which is always very interesting because we workshop our pieces- yup everyone critiques your fabulous writing. So this time I took a turn and did the forbidden. A sex scene. It's actually funny and interesting at the same time. Trying to take something and make it visible- that's not the tricky part but what I may think is normal or regular someone else may think I am a crazed person is where it can get difficult. I can't wait for the looks I may get on Monday. My class is also funny, people had good comments and critiques, but I think its most helpful when you have a suggestion to follow your critiques.

I wonder what my Prof thought when he read it probably not too much- I'm sure he probably seen his share of work. In class some stories are well versed and some has no real point or essence. Which is now making me read deeper to why did they chose to write this piece and etc. - It almost feels like I need to learn how to read again, because if not I lose interest in work that is good as a writer. I should be able to read anything and find the essence. I should not only look for the plots and other writing styles but why did they choose this particular thing to write about, but also the underlying of the message. When I hear someone trying to make a point or a reason out of nothing or everything it bothers me. Sometimes I have no true reason why I wrote a story- but for me it becomes me getting involved with the character. Also when I have time I need to really work on my grammar- a lot of the time I am so busy thinking in my head and typing that the grammar crap I don't see until I read it and honestly sometimes I read what I want to read the way I want to read it- so basically I don't even see it then. It takes away from my writing- Right now I want to read so bad but I have so many school books and papers I don't have the time to crawl up and dissect a novel instead I am read Chaucer- again this time I hope I get the gist of it!!!! thanks for letting me air out

1 comment:

Tracie said...

I'm fond of your writings
I enjoy visiting your imagination
however like you ,time is not on my side with all of life's demands
I wanted to address your grammar before
its like your mind is racing which is ok
but before you submit anything to your audience
read it and reread it.
in 2002 I shared my own writings with professional authors
and I'll tell you what they told me keep reading and writing
NEVER stop this will develop your skills & talents!!!!!!
I wish I had listened, but you inspire me to stop being mentally lazy
and I have been reading more novels ... I 'll pick up a pen in due time
keep - keeping me inspired!!!!!!!!