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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Will He Be Able?

This morning during my commute to work I couldn't help but to overhear a conversation between a young man and a young girl. Both were in there early twenties- he would be turning 21 soon. It appeared that they attended high school together at sometime and knew some of the same people, like Mike who works in White Castles.

As you can imagine there are many conversations going on but this one sparked an interest for me; it may have been his voice or something or the way he was dressed in old tattered stylish clothing- He wore Air Force 1 sneakers that were old, jeans with holes in the bottom because they were once too big but now fit. A fitted baseball cap with stitching like puzzles pieces. That's not what important, but the fact that he wants to be a nurse or a doctor. I found it interesting – but then I began to think. Did he ever have a shot at his dream? He seemed torn about when he was going to go back to school, but the young lady offered advice "do it now to get it over wit".

Young guy "I know a lot of stuff about the medical field"

Young girl: "You gotta have the stomach for it"

Young guy: "I do – I helped with gunshot wounds and shit. I like that stuff"

Young girl: "I can't do that shit"

Young guy: "I'ma go back to school – they know I like it that is why I was helping"

(My guess is that he was doing an internship maybe- It doesn't sound like he completed high school, so how can he become a nurse or doctor?)

Instantly I felt compassion because I don't think he was ever given a shot or maybe he was. Who knows, but some people argue that everyone has the same opportunities, but that is not true. As a mother who whole heartily believes in my children, I know if I didn't provide the love, guidance, discipline then they couldn't live up to their fullest potential.

Then I starting thinking on a community level and then on race and what happen to that percentage of people who were never given the shot. You know the ones that I am talking about- drug users, alcoholics, the uneducated parents who don't offer support, love, discipline and guidance for their children. They are left out to dry.

Our communities & race as a whole continues to grow with no love, support, education, discipline and guidance.

How can we this change?

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tasha said...

It opened my eyes to things you can encounter while you are on the train and how people would hear a conversation and interped in their on way.The things we would feel this person may or may not of had a good life just on how he was dressed or speaking it might have been by choice. crazy or want to be excepted.I dont know just what I felt about. I'am trying this computer thing. smile