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Monday, June 29, 2009

Saturday was Mommie and Son Day

What is the first thing you think we did- yup Gamestop he traded in some old games and got 2 new games. So, I asked Jr. what was next on our list- To see Transformers for the second time. I had to remind him that the movie was 144 minutes long and we hadn't eaten lunch yet. We stopped by the theater to check the times for the show and decided we would go to the 6:40 show. Which gave us plenty of time to drive out to Friendly's for some burgers and ice cream. While we were waiting we talked about his school year and he felt he didn't do his best and he said he knew what he need to do for 7th grade. We also agreed that he should work in his math book during the summer because he realized math was not his best subject. Suddenly he realized we had plenty of time before the movie (1hour). So he proceeded to make a plan. You got it - we should stop home first so he can get in a game or two then go to the movies. I looked at my watch and said we don't have that much time - so he didn't order desert and looked at me like I should do the same. Sorry Charlie....I drove 20 minutes not for a burger but for a burger and ice cream. He watched me eat and he watched the time bailey pass by. After I finished my pistachio and butter crunch sundae we headed to the theater and that was when Jr. wanted to know what was we going to do a whole 30 minutes before the movie start- wait, I said. Low and behold when we arrived to the theater there was a show at 6:10 - so there was our whole 30 minute wait.

The Transformers movie was great- this was my first time seeing it and his second and he realized somethings this time around that he didn't notice before. We got home about 9:15 and yes he played his games.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Get That Fire Going & Keep It Going

In the kitchen in my office, I watched a co-worker tenderly slice a lemon. His moves were so precise and gentle. I don't remember saying anything to him but he did noticed me watching him and then shared with me that in his home town Russia, lemons were a delicacy and that he could only buy lemons for his family around the holidays. He remembered the lines wrapping around the corners and the horrific weather he endured while on line for hours for the limit three lemons per family.

Today I walked into the kitchen to see him gently carving a lemon for his afternoon tea. I smiled and drifted to thought....He's been in this country for years now and his desire for lemons is as strong as it was a delicacy during the holidays in Russia.

What is it that I desired that was so difficult for me to get and now I have it at my fingertips? Does my passion still remains? Of course I thought about my children and my honey but what I really mean is something tangible, maybe something I worked so hard to get and now I have it - I think that is my college degree. I still have not received it in my hand but when I called the school they said in a few weeks. Yeah, my degree, but I want to keep that fire going and desire more things.... Can you imagine?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday A Great Time to Update My Blog

so this is my first post in a longtime. so many things has happened that I really don't know where to begin but i think i'm going to break it down on a month to month basis. let's see my last post was in march and now it is june- june 6 to be exact oh &*^% i was married on this day 11 year. ok that's enough energy in that direction shall we move on.

all of march i was raising money and awareness for the march of dimes march for babies. see i was my companies team leader- so i rallied our employees together in the different offices to participate in bake sales and candy sales to raise funds. in the mist of the we had bring your children to work day in which i was also in headed that event. the march of dimes march for babies walk was held on april 26 in lincoln center and we raised collectively $14,000. i raised alone almost $3,000. i love this charity- my family and i walked for the past four years.

oh also in march and may had some acupunture done on my ears for relaxation- loved it. every other month they have happy hour for $15 for 30 minutes of acupuncture for your ears.

then toward the end of april i volunteered for tribeca film festival (4th year) it was great but because i have a job i wasn't able to devote as much time as i would have liked to the festival- shoot i wasn't even able to view any of the free movies that they offer to the volunteers- so i gave my tickets away to some the other volunteers to enjoy. the festival began in the wake of 911 by R. D`eniro to give us NYer's a since of hope in a time of despair. during the first year a tremendous amount of people from all walks of life volunteered their time.

so now where in may and sometime in let's say second week of april i decided to give my daughter a sweet sixteen party on mother day's- no really this year her b-day fell on mother's day. so i quickly designed invites, t-shirts, candles & holders, bags for the t-shirts, party list and not to mention dressed the birthday girl. the party was held in harlem lanes and all i had to do was set a few tables and they did everything else.

so now that brings us to end of may - i had my first barbecue on the sunday before memorial day - it was very successful; of course i began preparing the food 6 days in advance but that's what make real bbq i suppose.

i guess we should be in june now right? i figured i would start posting today because right now honey and I are on vaca in ocean city, md at fager's island and our view is the bay through big bay windows. it is as serene and peaceful as you can image that i couldn't think of anything else to do but write.

as i sit looking out into they bay I hear a buzz so i jump and fan my ear to realize its only my damn blackberry vibrating. I smile and look over to my honey who's probably in his 10th dream in sneaker heaven to make sure he did just see my awkward moment. i stare at my bb for a moment then reached over for it. its from a blog that i subscribe to and the post for the day is "weekend is here...perfect time to get your blog in order"- i rest my head back on the pillow, look out at the bay and smile......