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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Daddy To Be Bites the Dust....Only 15

What can you say

A 15 year old who served a year in a juvenile detention center, daddy to be was shot dead on the streets of Brooklyn. His family said he was changing..."he stopped wearing baggy clothes and began wearing button up shirts". He had a job and was looking forward to going to high school this year. This has become the norm... death, teen pregnancy, incarceration, increased dropout rates, and broken families. Who's responsible for this? The parents, government, schools, our neighbors, social workers... the list can be endless. I'm sorry tired and this is a never ending circle.

Who loses here the
  1. unborn child
  2. the mother of the unborn child
  3. the parents of the unborn child
  4. the teachers & social worker that may need to provide assistance to the unborn child
  5. A parent (s) lost a child
  6. the shooter if caught loses his life behind bars
  7. the neighborhood where this unborn child may live one day

I guess we all do but some of us will never see it that way. Just some stuff on my mind....

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