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Friday, February 18, 2011

A perfect match... Louie meets Louie

And they lived happily ever after…. I never revealed my Valentines Day gift. So here it is – shhhhhhh I knew what I was getting the moment I opened my Christmas gift – hehehe….. Sometimes Honey is predictable – he actually did the same thing with my other LV bag and wallet set. I adore the bag and especially the color. I never realized that burgundy goes with so many different colors.

Enough of that………It’s Friday and I just got paid! Most of you have a 3 day weekend and some of us do not (me) I’ll make the best of my Monday in the office with limited staff.

I think I will celebrate the Presidents by spending some dead presidents at Woodbury Commons on Sunday – Not sure what I’m looking for but Tory Burch is calling my name……

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Deepika said...

Hello Ms Mayor.. I landed at your blog through No Job For Mom blog where you had left your comment ( on an old 2008 post when you started off ! )

Had a great time going through the beautiful life experiences you have put together here :) Thanks for sharing with us all.. n yeah Happy Blogging