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Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Life Taken and Many Other's Ruined..............

My heart and prays goes out to Guimmia Villa two young sons and her family. Another senseless murder and another family destroyed.

Yesterday afternoon Guimmia estranged husband walked into her place of work with a bouquet of roses and shot her in the face. He returned to his home in Ravenswood housing project a few blocks away (the housing project where Guimmia lived her with her mother up to 6 months ago) and cowardly committed suicide with a shot to the head. A tragic moment of vehement love and just a few days shy of Valentines Day and following a fight they had the previous weekend.

Guimmia seemed to follow the victim’s of DV (domestic violence) protocol…..She renewed one of the orders of protections on Monday morning that was set to expire next month – her Nassau County order was due to expire in April. She recently moved from her mother’s home, which was the area where her estranged husband lived. This was a 32 year old woman who was in a violent relationship. She had 2 kidney transplants and survived for a reason and to have her life taken from her by the hands of her husband – is senseless.

Although I did not know her personally – having gone through an abusive relationship, I can only imagine her story that she will never get to tell. She lives behind 2 boy’s ages 6 and 9, friends and family – whom I sure will miss her.

In this story, I didn’t care to mention her “estranged husbands” name – because it really don’t matter – another women's life taken from domestic violence…………..

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