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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Maxwell & Jill Scott in Madison Garden - NYC

Tickets just went on sale (3/13) to see Maxwell and Jill Scott in NYC. I've never had the pleasures of watching Maxwell perform live, but I can only image his buttery smooth voice flowing through the air. I'm sure he'll have a live band as well - ouch!!  I have yet found known a person who doesn't like "Blacksummer's night"....

However, I did see Jill Scott work the mic like I've never seen before and this wasn't even her show. She opened up for Chris Rock and all I can say is Ms. Lady can blow. I felt her energy in the room; the way she held the microphone like it was her baby- she was simply amazing. Then she went acapella opera on us and rocked it!!

So I can imagine this show is going to be a must see. They are pairing up for a 20 city tour - so check when they arrive in your city.

Maxwell & Jill Scott

Friday, March 5, 2010

Can I afford the 8K Tax Credit?

There was a time where I would run to do my taxes - I mean I didn't even wait for my W2, I would use my last pay stub of that year- those days are so over.

I called my tax guy (he's been doing my taxes since I was 18) to chitchat and to ask him the price of preparation this year -he said same as last year, then he heard me mumble - he said well why don't you buy a house for the 8K TAX CREDIT. I said ok let me give it some thought. He reminded me that I have until April 30th which is two weeks after the tax deadline (April 15)- go figure.

I'm really not good with numbers and I prefer letters/words by far so I pulled out the calculator. My FICO is good. I can go into my 401k for the down payment, being fully aware of the penalties I think it's worth it. I let my fingers do the walking - to the Internet. I know what I want. I found it and the price is really not bad - I think. Mortgage payments are roughly 10% of the borrowed amount. I can't afford this amount. Do I buy less space which will be more space than I have now but still less than I want- but I will be able to afford this and get the TAX CREDIT by April 30. None of this making any sense to me. Why buy something with a hefty price tag that I can't afford or buy something that I really don't want for a TAX CREDIT. With all this said, I decided to pay my tax guy $250 for my itemized tax preparations and not pursue home ownership within 56 days..... This is simply my thoughts people - just my thoughts

Friday, February 5, 2010

Have you ever heard of Walter Sammons......

Walter Sammons (1890-1973) was African American inventor from Philadelphia. In 1920 he received a patent for an improved comb that straightened hair. According to him, he invented a heated comb that removed the nappy's from the hair.
Yes, the hot comb ( I still have one - just in case).
Thanks, Mr. Sammons - boy do I remember getting my hair pressed for church on Saturday evenings and by Tuesday I was tore up again. The grease use to sizzle and I would cry "ouch" that hurt. My moms used to try and get every strand - I used to say, " not the baby hairs".

Those were the days. How thankful I was when I got my first perm!

Friday, January 22, 2010

FBI Digital Billboards - New York City Times Square

The FBI began this national wide initiative by posting 100 of digital billboard in 23 cities and some other organizations joined them so now there are over 1500 billboards in 40 states. When I first heard it I thought of the "Wanted" signs in the post office and that is was it is on in digital format like a digital photo frame. Last Sunday on the drive from Atlantic City (NJ TPKE) I saw one of these billboards. Honey was thought I was insane because I got a little excited and jumped in his lap blocking his view of the road. I just wanted to see if there was someone on there I knew. That is the next question, would you report someone you knew? Or would you report someone you identified from the poster?

Some of the cases in which the billboards assisted to make the arrest:
  • In Tennessee, a man was on a 2 week robbery spree

  • In Virgina, a man arrested for money laundering - he turned himself in

  • In New Mexico, a young kid wanted for bank robbery - he was driving in the car with his mother and she noticed her kid on the billboard - he turned himself in that evening

Well, there will be one of these billboards posted in New York City, Times Square.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You Have Every Reason To Smile - So Do It!

Smiling is the cheap way to look good and feel good instantly. This morning I tried it. I smiled during the walk to my office, on the phone and to everyone in the office. I gotta tell you I'm feeling pretty darn good right now. The funny thing is everyone is smiling back, so not only am I feeling darn good right now but my smiles are making other people smile back - it's infectious I tell you.
This is definitely worth sharing....so go on ahead and smile today I heard sunshine is good for your teeth.

A smile is the universal welcome. ~Max Eastman

Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important. ~ Janet Lane

If you would like to ruin the day of a grouchy person, just smile. ~ Sharron Smith