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Friday, March 5, 2010

Can I afford the 8K Tax Credit?

There was a time where I would run to do my taxes - I mean I didn't even wait for my W2, I would use my last pay stub of that year- those days are so over.

I called my tax guy (he's been doing my taxes since I was 18) to chitchat and to ask him the price of preparation this year -he said same as last year, then he heard me mumble - he said well why don't you buy a house for the 8K TAX CREDIT. I said ok let me give it some thought. He reminded me that I have until April 30th which is two weeks after the tax deadline (April 15)- go figure.

I'm really not good with numbers and I prefer letters/words by far so I pulled out the calculator. My FICO is good. I can go into my 401k for the down payment, being fully aware of the penalties I think it's worth it. I let my fingers do the walking - to the Internet. I know what I want. I found it and the price is really not bad - I think. Mortgage payments are roughly 10% of the borrowed amount. I can't afford this amount. Do I buy less space which will be more space than I have now but still less than I want- but I will be able to afford this and get the TAX CREDIT by April 30. None of this making any sense to me. Why buy something with a hefty price tag that I can't afford or buy something that I really don't want for a TAX CREDIT. With all this said, I decided to pay my tax guy $250 for my itemized tax preparations and not pursue home ownership within 56 days..... This is simply my thoughts people - just my thoughts

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Anonymous said...

Making such an important decision should never be rushed, you did the thing by waiting till you were fully ready for home ownership. I am looking for a home but can't decide whether to stay in my current location or look elsewhere? I have alot to figure out regarding the next step to take. I am learning to make better decisions with my life!