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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Writings on the Wall at the MoMA...

Yesterday I had a date with myself at the MoMA(Museum of Modern Art). It was great! First of all let me mention - I wasn't late, didn't get lost and I wasn't taken back by the block long line to get in- that there had the making of a good date already.
The first exhibit I ventured to was by a Beijing artist Song Dong named "Projects 90 - Waste Not" his mother saved over 50 years of stuff in her home which was like a Chinese survival tactic. The items varied from pots, used toothpaste tubes, empty soda containers, shoes with boxes and any and everything you can think of that's in your home right now. I trailed through this vivid collection taking in all the items. Some of them were made before I was born. I followed the crowd to a huge white rectangular room. The lower middle of the walls were covered with names and dates in black ink. I joined the
line and kept thinking how crazy is this. There were names, heights and dates all complied on top of each other-
Now that's art I kept thinking....

I continued to see the various exhibits such at the architecture & design, photography and painting & sculpture-from Picasso, Matisse, van Gogh to Warhol... yes I seen the Campbell Soup & the Gold Marilyn Monroe paintings - I learned there are 32 separate canvas Campbell Soup paintings and Andy was originally going to sell them individually but he didn't....I think it's more of an impact together.

Then there was the Architecture & Justice Million Dollar Black Project 2006 by some graduate students from Columbia University. This was a study done in Brownsville, Brooklyn (NYC). Take a look at the red in the map - that represents over a million dollars of costs that was paid to imprison the people in this particular area. This is only Brownsville. There was a monitor of a running list of people who was imprisoned in Brownsville and how much jail time they had. As I stood there I looked over to a brother, we gave each other that look and snapped photos like it was for show and tell.

Overall I had a great time and I would definitely do it again. The Museum of Modern Art is located 11 West 53rd Street New York, NY 10019 or MoMA.org or 212-708-9400. Oh thanks to Target for running the Free Fridays event from 4p-8p. This is suitable for older children (13 & up) or younger you know your child(ren) -Strollers are permitted. They have cafes throughout, outside lounge and seating inside.

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