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Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Our Ordinary Cops & Robbers

Yesterday afternoon I while unpacked my groceries from my car, I noticed three boys playing rather roughly.I thought they were teaming up on the one boy. At first I thought to keep my mouth shut but it was really beginning to bothering me. It seemed as if they were beating the boy up. I couldn't stand it anymore. The two boys one being shorter than the other threw the slightly rounded boy onto the ground and then to a parked car. Both boys took turns slapping the rounded boy in the head. In my mind I said that couldn't be my son- playing or no playing. I couldn't take my eyes of them - the rounded boy tried to make a run for it but he was caught by his fifth or so step. Then they flung him to the car again. At this point I had had enough.

I said," Why do y'all keep hitting shorty like that" although he wasn't the shortest of the three but that's the name I gave him.

The shortest one responded "Were cops". I paused before I responded - with no real comeback I said "Is that what cops do?"

I'm not sure if that was a question for them or me- but America should pay close attention. The game of cops and robbers is new and improved. Later that evening I couldn't stop thinking about what I had witnessed and the fact it left me for a loss for words. What do you think I should have done? Maybe nothing like I did.....


Anonymous said...

Your friend is correct - you left us hanging.What happened next? Did the young boy try to help the old man? Did anyone pull the emergency brake?

Mocha said...

This is deep. I pray that's not the depiction young boys have of the police. When cops take an oath to serve & protect