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Monday, June 29, 2009

Saturday was Mommie and Son Day

What is the first thing you think we did- yup Gamestop he traded in some old games and got 2 new games. So, I asked Jr. what was next on our list- To see Transformers for the second time. I had to remind him that the movie was 144 minutes long and we hadn't eaten lunch yet. We stopped by the theater to check the times for the show and decided we would go to the 6:40 show. Which gave us plenty of time to drive out to Friendly's for some burgers and ice cream. While we were waiting we talked about his school year and he felt he didn't do his best and he said he knew what he need to do for 7th grade. We also agreed that he should work in his math book during the summer because he realized math was not his best subject. Suddenly he realized we had plenty of time before the movie (1hour). So he proceeded to make a plan. You got it - we should stop home first so he can get in a game or two then go to the movies. I looked at my watch and said we don't have that much time - so he didn't order desert and looked at me like I should do the same. Sorry Charlie....I drove 20 minutes not for a burger but for a burger and ice cream. He watched me eat and he watched the time bailey pass by. After I finished my pistachio and butter crunch sundae we headed to the theater and that was when Jr. wanted to know what was we going to do a whole 30 minutes before the movie start- wait, I said. Low and behold when we arrived to the theater there was a show at 6:10 - so there was our whole 30 minute wait.

The Transformers movie was great- this was my first time seeing it and his second and he realized somethings this time around that he didn't notice before. We got home about 9:15 and yes he played his games.

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