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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Get That Fire Going & Keep It Going

In the kitchen in my office, I watched a co-worker tenderly slice a lemon. His moves were so precise and gentle. I don't remember saying anything to him but he did noticed me watching him and then shared with me that in his home town Russia, lemons were a delicacy and that he could only buy lemons for his family around the holidays. He remembered the lines wrapping around the corners and the horrific weather he endured while on line for hours for the limit three lemons per family.

Today I walked into the kitchen to see him gently carving a lemon for his afternoon tea. I smiled and drifted to thought....He's been in this country for years now and his desire for lemons is as strong as it was a delicacy during the holidays in Russia.

What is it that I desired that was so difficult for me to get and now I have it at my fingertips? Does my passion still remains? Of course I thought about my children and my honey but what I really mean is something tangible, maybe something I worked so hard to get and now I have it - I think that is my college degree. I still have not received it in my hand but when I called the school they said in a few weeks. Yeah, my degree, but I want to keep that fire going and desire more things.... Can you imagine?

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