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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Love on the 6 Uptown

(sometimes I write what my heart feels)
Love has never felt this way
I can’t stop I always
Knew I would write and
I tried really I did but never
Like this it’s like a plant
Blooming- to write and read
My thoughts to others is the
Greatest feeling ever I can
Pick up a pen and write
Anywhere and about anything
This is truly amazing and
I feel like I have finally tapped
Into my God given talent- to share
My powerful words with the world
When I look back I can’t imagine
That I have gone so long
Without writing. This is how
I speak; this is what I do and now i
Will allow it to do me
It can do whatever it wants
I am here for the ride-I
Feel it is my duty to
Handled this shit-because
It comes naturally
Speaking I write when the words
Touch the paper I fell my energy
Release when I say the words
I hear and feel them
In my bones- I can do this
Whenever wherever, a crying baby
No matter- one day
She too will read me I
Will be magnificent and
The little baby girl will have
To read about me in the books
And when I say the part about
The 6 train and how she was sitting
On her Daddy’s lap and
How he pointed to her
Uncle Jerry on the phone and she said
His name- that damn phone was how
You little girl stopped crying a river
Every little girl with an Uncle Jerry
will think I was sitting across from
Them on that number 6 train to Pelham
Yes I lived where you live this is for us- you
Where so cute with your
Pony on top of your head
At least while the phone
Was in your hand- see with ease my
Words are finally able to sing and
That they will do to the hills of Beverly
And the streets of Harlem well maybe
Not Beverly - she will
Act like my words are not
Not important- oh shit
They took the phone
You know what that means
Lovely lovely is screaming screaming
Just like I will do one day you and
You will hear me speak
I promise. This feels too good to stop
I hadn’t lifted my pen since I sat down
Yup just writing and thinking how
People let talents go to waste
I wasn’t just didn’t
Know how to start and now
I will never stop
Why the fuck should
(feel the rush- that how I feel when I write)

1 comment:

Tracie said...

love it
it feels free
no holds bar
its a perfect replica of you!!!!!!!!!!