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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nine Years & Still Good

Today is our 9th year anniversary- Wow!! Where did the time go? It really seems like yesterday, well maybe not yesterday but definitely not 9 years. We had our ups and downs but these days the love has just been flowing. I can’t say when the change shifted but right now I can't complain about a thing in my love life- shit my entire life. I think this is where my maturity takes over- I learned and I'm learning everyday to accept what is- that's not to say I take the bs or settle for less but I accept what is- I can’t change it so why waste my precious energy trying to- instead I focus on the shit I like- enough of that for now.

Those who know me and my story can you imagine

I found my love and it feels good all over. We still call each other 3-4 times a day to inquire how the days are going and make silly jokes. This is what I love. At times we use each other for advice, to calm down or to listen. Yeah there are times we argue and hang up on each other too(I think it’s important to disagree) but at the end we shine through it all. I never knew what love was until now. 9 Years is some serious time and we will marry but not now- shit this feels too good, why change a good thing, but I'm sure we will.

This weekend we spend family time in the Pocono Mountain it was soothing for all of us. My honey, my children, his daughter and her friend went to the Poconos Mountain for the weekend. We rented a house that seemed more of a pool house than anything livable, but it was great! On the way up it were boys vs. girls on the drive- back and forth and forth and back on I-80 we raced. They won by only a hair (I was on his tail). We arrived the house was ranch style 1500 sq ft but the pool house was 2000 sq ft. We were deep deep in the hills of the hills; this was the first for all of us
. It took 5.1 miles (my navigation) to get to the main road and even longer to the malls. It was good thing. I went grocery shopping before we left so our afternoon lunch was chicken kabobs, burgers, Italian sausages and hot dogs. I love my brain he said “we can eat there don’t cook”. A mother’s intuition – I bought lunch, dinner and breakfast. On Saturday we it either Gustov or Hanna and it rained and rained but it was glorious. The smell of fresh rain in the wood us citydwellers don't get much of that. So we ate bar-be-que(I cooked in the rain) and swam during the afternoon and went to the shopping outlet returned to the house had dinner time, swam again until 2 am and finished with dessert from Friendly's. We are having a great time together and with our families together-who can ask for anything more.....