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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

August 27 & 28

Here to my first week of my final semester. This has truly been a long time coming for me and it's almost hard to believe in December 2008 I will have a Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing- Damn I love it- but I realized this is only part of my dream. I want to continue on for my MFA and then I want to be called Dr. Smith- that's right. I love to learn. I wish I could do this and get paid for it. Class began last Wednesday but everyday up to the day I felt as if I wasn't ready. I forced myself to see the light and the end, but it wasn't enough. I did have the focus I needed and was scared. It wasn't 7:30pm that I realized that I can do this. That night I realized I had three classes in my back pocket. I know within the next four months things may have to shake me up a little but I refuse to allow it to monopolize my mind. I want this so bad. I'm taking 3 classes two days a week, while holding a full-time job and a 24-hour job as a mother. Seems like a lot but it's really not my children are old to take care of the "little stuff"- as always I prepare what they need.

Here is to Obama, Obama, and Obama-

I watched the convention on and off – mainly on and Obama brought tears to my eyes. While I watched it with my children I imagined my mother who was a young girl when Dr. Martin Luther King spoke his I Have a Dream Speech which was the same exact date that Mr. Obama made his "Change will Come to Washington"- To be honest I had NO idea this was the same exact date in 1963.

I have to write more…



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Tracie said...

I know my response to this is crazy late
however the advise is timeless
believing in your dreams always ...TRACIE