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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Cricket Outside Of My Window

There's a cricket outside of my window

Did you know crickets make four different chirping songs
I learned this today while I was trying to watch Oprah

  1. Very loud - female calling on her male( wish it was easy)

  2. Low sound- female is near and male are trying to court her ( work it girl)

  3. Loud aggressive- male on male battle/sense another male is near (all species)

  4. Short sound- after the sperm settles on the female eggs ( like reaching for a cigarette)
It had to be number four because I stopped and turned my head toward the window because I could not hear a thing Oprah was saying. Then it stopped. Then it began all over again loud as ever. I turned around a few time because I wasn't sure if it was sitting on my shoulder. It went for at least 30 seconds at a time.

Oh by the way crickets don't rub there hind leg together but instead the male have this thick vein with 50-300 ridges. Oh this is only a male thing female were not blessed with the large thick vein. They rub that against the upper edge of the forewing and that creates the stridulation and the song, which varies depending on the species.

No I did not know this but the cricket outside my window intrigued me to really understand the madness of this noise, I mean sound/song. All I really want to do was watch the rerun of Oprah.