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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Increased Graduation Rates=More Time

Their Solution

The NYS Board of Regents realized the NYC public school children need more time to graduate. I am a little confused- I read an article explaining how graduation rate increased but, NY High School Need More Time to Graduate. Officials believe our kids need anywhere from 5-6 years to include summer school and longer school hours to graduate from high school. The graduation rate in NY is increasing because kids are spending 5-6 years in high school – am I missing something?

The Issue

I want to say here we go again changing policies and accepting abnormal behaviors to increase numbers to make it right. In a few years studies will show that keeping high school student for seven or eight years is the answer and help give our graduation rate another boost. What about college? If high school is extended how does this effect college? Does anyone agree with me when I say this is the wrong message we are sending to our children- its ok to be a high school graduate at 21. Should I just focus on the fact that the graduation rate has increased?
There was a ten year period where graduation rates did not increase- maybe it has something to do with the structure of the school system. Many years ago when I was in school the elementary schools were grades K-6th, middle school were grades 7th - 9th and high school were grades 10th -12th. I’m not sure the reason for the change in structure and maybe that is the reason for extended high school years.

Can you imagine a 6th grader who is 11 years old in the same school as a 13 year old 8th grader? It seems as if the maturity levels are not compatible with the grading or education system. It seems to me the extra years the Regent Board gives is the same years they took away in the beginning. My daughter first year of high school was last year and she was 14 yrs old, in her school there were students who were in their fifth or six year of high school. She was in school with kids who were 18-19 years old. Wow, the thought is very scary.


To sum this up we are forcing our kids to mature at a faster rate, but we are not providing education at the same rate, but instead we give them move to learn. I wonder what are their counterparts around the country are doing.

My Solution

Maybe the mandatory age to begin school should be at 4.5 years old.

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Shantel said...

I know i haven't responded in a while but, this topic you brought is a point i've been trying to make in discussions with people. I've read an article about the same topic. I feel its a stupid one.
1. I feel the kids today are competent enough to finish school in the amount of years we all did. I was one of the students who graduated late but i also graduated with a Practical Nursing degree. If i wasn't lazy i would've graduated on time.

2. I do understand that in this day and age expenses are high but i think if parents got involved more grades could be better.

3. I think because of technology there should be no reason that kids should fall behind. So much info is available. Good technology

4. I think the free after school programs need to be implemented again.

5. One of my biggest concerns that I'm noticing is that the parents need help. Because there aren't or very few programs most parents ( lower income families) don't have the knowledge to help their children. Alot haven't graduated from high school; some are still trying to learn the American language, the kids are becoming the teachers/ translators in the household; lastly and again i feel the parents have to be willing to want to do this and that is to learn and get knowledgeable about what there kids are being taught.


I could go on but i won't. i just got off work. I'm tired. For a culmination of reasons I've opted to home school my child if possible. Whenever my ass decides to have a child. Thanks for the e-mail. Great discussion topic.

I personally have said that if possible