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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Learn To Accept the Things You Can't Change

Today is my first day blogging but not reading- during my commute usually read and what I read today was perfect. It couldn't have played out any better. I rained oh it rained but as I was reading the chapter " a penny for your thoughts" and it reflected on negative thinking and how we are in control of what we choose to think and to pay attention to what you think. So I began to think and with ease negative thoughts arose- it was raining and I using public transportation. I was in a very uncomfortable situation. My mind was ready to take off, suddenly I stopped it and gained control. It was almost funny because I was on the bus trying to think positive- then it dawned on me the bus was on time and I am not in the rain anymore. When I got off the bus lo and behold it stopped raining. My train ride was not normal for a rainy day because it was smooth sailing- all this is happening while I was reading. Then an announcement was made the train was out of service and this was the final stop. I was not upset one bit, I calmly grabbed my belongings got off the train, but without thinking hesitation I took another train line that was closer to my job and I arrived to work the same time as normal.

This is to say my reading reinforced what I already knew -DO NOT FRET OVER THINGS YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER. Simply accept the present situation and embrace it. If I wasn't there to witness I may not believe. My day was wonderful and guess the choice is up to me to choose what kind of day I will have tomorrow.

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