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Monday, August 18, 2008

Guns & Thoughts

(written 6/18/2008)

I went to a shooting range in the Pocono Mountains
All you need is a driver's license and you too can shoot
I was given the mandatory attire
Ready with my glasses, ear protectors, shorts, cute tank and flip-flops
We walk through the layers of shell casings
To the guys at the end
Come with me said the cowboy
“Have you shot before” I had to lift my protectors to hear
I say no and smile
The loud bangs one after another makes me jump
Each bullet carrying the weight of many guns
I get chills
I wonder if the protectors are working
My hands are cupping over my ears
I am still jumping
We are standing in an open wooden booth
The sides is where the keep the pistols locked to the walls
In front is the paper target with the string to bring it to and fro
Behind that is a big dirt hill
Filled with cute big teddies pink, blue and white and things that look like bowling pins
These are the targets
My honey wants to go big
We start with the baby dessert eagle
I tell him to go first
Above is black and white photo of the movie Natural Born Killers
There I am shooting and jumping
It was so fast
With a tap
Not the entire finger because that makes the gun go left
Just the tip
I try to relax
Everyone’s shots make me jump
The gun powder smell like a million farts at once
My hands are covered with something like talc
They sink
Keep your eye on the target
Not your finger or the gun
Before you know it’s over
I hit dead center mass
I moved the target
Hit it twice while the target moved
Watch out for her
Better not piss her off
Then I think
Can’t shoot a body like mine
Or a cute cuddly animal either
I think
50 shots
Who can do that?
50 shots
To another being
50 shots

A murder
A thin line between cops and criminals
Who is who?
50 shots

RIP Sean Bell

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