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Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm Back

It seems like I have not posted anything in so long- well I guess I haven't, but I've been writing- just in my journal. I tried taking something from my journal and expanding to sharing it- but my thoughts were all over the place and my journal entries reflect just that. This post seems to be going in that direction and I thought I had control over it.

Today I just need to get my thoughts out of my head so I can see what’s going on. I've been up since 4:30 and I didn't go to the gym(terrible) for some reason I feel as if I am losing focus on what my goals are- I am not sure if I have a hand on it so I need to begin with my list- Yes, me and my lists to get things done. If I don't have a plan then nothing happens and I waste time trying to figure out what to do- then when it's not done I waste time thinking about why I didn't do it. I begin school on Wednesday the kids begin on Tuesday the 2nd, with that said I need to focus and stop wasting precious time- What time- this weekend I spent a great deal of time deleting and recreating my ITunes- yup I deleted over 2000 songs but I kept screwing it up and had 7750 songs- I had triplicates of my library. I was so frustrated, I deleted everything – I did this on Saturday night, Sunday morning and evening. I’m still working on it. This is why I need my list to guide me. Of course I had other well thought out things do but I allowed ITunes to take over. Like I found a cool website

Net worthIQ and I will be posting my net worth (I think).

Will I be able to show my debts and saving to the public? On the other hand this may help me boost my worth by paying off debt and increasing my savings/wealth. Who knows but I will post my list- so I can follow it. Hope you guys don't mind but I need some help here trying to find my better life.