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Friday, October 17, 2008

Why No Term Limits- Why Not?

There is a huge debate in New York City at the moment because Mayor Bloomberg would like to extend term limits. Currently the serving limit is 2 terms which is equivalent to eight years in office. This is his final year and he believes he can do more for our city during these tough economical times we are faced with. Can he? Bloomberg has given the City of New York an optimistic comeback after 9/11. Look around he has built affordable housing, expanded parklands, changed the infrastructure in city agencies, launched the anti-poverty campaign, developed plans for an environmentally friendly city and co-founded the national coalition against illegal guns Let's remember the reasons we elected him again in 2005, he is proven to be very strong in business and economics.
New Yorkers feel as though their rights are being taken because they are not voting on the idea of extending the term limits. Remember it's your vote that elects who become mayor of this wonderful city.
Personally, at this point in the game I not sure if I want fresh blood in the office right now, there is just too much going on. Besides where can we hire a mayor for a $1.00 a year- I wouldn't mind waiting another 4.

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