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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In the Heights- A Must See!!

In The Heights was awesome musical! - I guess the Tony Award and the reviews confirms it . It was a love story, filled with richness of culture with a mix of hip-hop, merengue and salsa- Which was lots of dancing and singing in streets of Washington Heights- giving us flavor from the “Heights” the home of the Irish, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Black and Dominican descendents.

All of us who lives in the inner city – especially NYC- you quickly learn how to speak basic Spanish - a bodega, que paso , cuanto es, - and you know what it means as well as some curse words. You can recite your address in for the cab driver –“Quince Ochenta Avenida Metropolitana”; pay for your coffee and paper all in Spanish and everyone is Mami y Papi.

What can you really expect Viviendo en Nueva York. I couldn’t ask for anything else.

We get our dubees at the Dominican spot- that’s open 7 days a week and comemos arroz con pollo at the Spanish spot.

The music full of life and the scene was my neighborhood.

The show was authentic and held on to the true essence of the Hispanic culture and didn’t flinch on the “Great White Way”- Definitely a must see!

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