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Friday, October 10, 2008

What The F#&*!!!

How do you feel about the following issues? Have you voiced your opinion publicly with your peers or family? Well you should and the time is now because soon this will all be history.....

Obama for President

Crisis on Wall Street

Sarah Palin

  • 700 Billion Dollar Bailout

McCain's little arms

Yankees out of the playoffs

Joe Torre making it to the playoffs

The ads on NYC trains

Here is how I feel about all this stuff....

  • I say yes to a Obama
  • If Wall Street gets a bailout then every American should have their credit slate wiped clean
  • Sarah darn it - is no pit bull in a skirt -and I personally don't feel connected to her through her use of language- sorry Sarah
  • Again Mr. government-can I have my credit history wiped clean? If Wall St. can then so should I-But first let me charge up a few more things
  • I know he was a POW, but damn I can't stop looking at his little arms that don't move
  • Baseball is not the same-without the Yankees
  • Torre's smiling at Steinbrenner right now, but the ultimate will be the Dodgers playing the Red Sox -every Yankee fan will shed a tear or two
  • I wonder what's the cost - Most commuters just want to get from point A to point B - We just want to ride- That's it

That's how I feel about it- Now what's your thoughts?

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jpatriceconsulting said...

I like that - "if Wall Street gets a bailout then every American should have their credit slate wiped clean"