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Friday, October 10, 2008

It Can Be Worse

Have you ever thought your life was falling apart or maybe you didn't know where your next dollar was coming from, maybe you had the flu and felt like your chest was going to rip through your body, or late on your rent-again and overdrawn at the bank, your relationship ended that was going so well or had to follow up to your follow up visit at the doctor, or had an aching throbbing tooth that just wouldn’t stop.....
We can go on and on but the point is you thought it was the worst time of your life and couldn’t get any worse. Then you hear someone else's story and pain and at that point your problem sizzles and fades away. You are almost grateful that's all you have deal with.
The other day someone asked me, "How's everything?" I replied by saying I feel a little congested and my head was foggy. In the middle of me speaking he said our coworker was rushed to the hospital via helicopter this morning. I instantly felt better, really. I realized that I didn’t have anything to complain about because it really could be worse.
With that said- Let’s try to complain less and accept more because it can always be worse!

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