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Monday, October 20, 2008

An Honest Bapesta Buyer-Thanks!

I sell on EBay and My Honey just gave me 20 pairs of Bapestas to sell. The other day I sold a pair for $100 and the buyer contacts me a few about six days later saying he didn't receive his sneakers. The emails first were just normal questions inquiring about the delivery of the shoe. Then we both began to point the blame. He felt if his kicks didn't arrive then I should give him another pair. I felt he got them and was just trying to get me for another pair for the price of one. All of this is via email. It was Sunday evening so I suggested we talk on Tuesday since that Monday was a holiday.

All the possible scenarios replayed in my head over and over- thinking how to handle a very negative feedback since I never had one. And I refused to send another pair of kicks but I did offer him a pair a half price that he had in mind already-He declined my offer and said it's not his fault he didn't get them.

So we both thought were being played and we were pissed. Tuesday I waited to hear from him and when I checked my email he got them.

That goes to show me that:

  • some people are honest

  • dwelling on any situation doesn't help

  • sometimes you need to walk away from the situation for a moment

  • use delivery confirmations always

If he never received them should I have sent another pair? I had stopped sending delivery confirmations but began on my next shipment on Wednesday and there after.

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Jean said...

Hi, I love selling on eBay and I also sell on Amazon. I purchase delivery confirmation for EVERYTHING, at least then you would know if the sneakers were delivered or where they were in the postal system. Plus the buyer pays shipping and handling including delivery confirmation.

I'm elegantbaglady on eBay. I sell a little bit of everything. Much success to you!

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