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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So what’s the Big Deal about DC Cupcakes?

I didn’t know the answer to this question on my recent trip to DC. What I did know that I witnessed one of the longest lines I have ever seen. It wrapped around the corner and half way down the block. At first I thought the line was a line to a club, after all it was after 10pm. On the line there were young kids, college kids, Grandma’s & Grandpa’s, babies being held and others in strollers – I deemed this was no club line…. I looked up at the sign “DC Cupcakes” sign then grabbed my iPhone to google it. At a quick glimpse the only thing that came up was the location and a few rave reviews.

So the next day as were heading out I wanted to stop at a boutique for some shoes and if the line wasn’t crazy we would stop for some cupcakes. I was batting a double zero. The boutique didn’t have my size “no I don’t want to try on a 6.5 - I wear a 7”, was my reply. The next stop was to hustle through the traffic to get some cupcakes…. We didn’t even stop because the line was protruding around the front of the store.

So what is the big deal about DC Cupcakes?

The two sisters, Katherine & Sophie traded in the world of fashion to follow their true passion of baking. In 2008 the first cupcakery in DC “Georgetown Cupcake” was opened. It doesn’t stop there; they have a reality TV show on TLC “DC Cupcakes” in the second season…..So that’s the big deal about DC Cupcakes!

DC Cupcakes

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