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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sharron's Observations

A white haired bushy bearded old man got on the train. He took a few steps in and slowly turned his head left then right until he spotted a seat to rest his old withered bones. His hands cupped the old pine chipped wooden cane as he hung it over his left arm. He bent over a little and tapped the young man on his knee. The young man continued to sway his head back and forth never once looking up at the old man. The old man stepped in a little closer and tapped the young man again. He looked up. With his wrinkled right hand he motion for him to slide over as he pointed to the space that would relieve his tired old body.
“Nah, I can’t move”, yelled the young man. The old man tilted his head as he sunk into his skin. His shoulders fell and his fingers pointed to the floor. His skin looked as if it was too heavy for his frail body to hold. The train began to move slowly at first, then fast and faster. All of a sudden the train made a loud piercing screech. The floor vibrated and floor rumbled until it came to a complete stop. The white haired bushy bearded old man flew down the aisle nonstop until his head crashed into the pole. His plastic teeth landed near the base of the train doors. His cane fell into the lap of the young man. His maroon blood seeped from his torn forehead onto the black, red, white and purple spotted floor.
The silence was broken by, “we are temporarily delayed and will be moving shortly. We are sorry for the inconvenience” said the computerized voice over the speaker.

This is only a story and the events are untrue.


Anonymous said...

Your friend is correct - you left us hanging.What happened next? Did the young boy try to help the old man? Did anyone pull the emergency brake?

Mocha said...

This is callousness the younger generation now have for old folks. Just plain no repect