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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Maxwell & Jill Scott in Madison Garden - NYC

Tickets just went on sale (3/13) to see Maxwell and Jill Scott in NYC. I've never had the pleasures of watching Maxwell perform live, but I can only image his buttery smooth voice flowing through the air. I'm sure he'll have a live band as well - ouch!!  I have yet found known a person who doesn't like "Blacksummer's night"....

However, I did see Jill Scott work the mic like I've never seen before and this wasn't even her show. She opened up for Chris Rock and all I can say is Ms. Lady can blow. I felt her energy in the room; the way she held the microphone like it was her baby- she was simply amazing. Then she went acapella opera on us and rocked it!!

So I can imagine this show is going to be a must see. They are pairing up for a 20 city tour - so check when they arrive in your city.

Maxwell & Jill Scott


Tracie said...

We have our tickets already - sec 1 seat 1&2. If ur a citicard member the have great seats!

Anonymous said...

I've seen Maxwell sing n I'm not too crazy about Jill; I'm trying to get tickets to see Denzel on Broadway right now with my cousin, My Uncle's daughter whom passed he was best friends with Denzel and we are going to represent him at the show.